What is the Draft Analyzer?
The Draft Analyzer is a tool that provides an instant analysis of your mock and real drafts. It gives you a quick idea of how your team stacks up and breaks down your strengths and weaknesses.
Where do I find the app?
Open your CBSSports.com league, click on "Tools" in the menu, then select the app under "MY APPS".

If you have purchased more than 5 apps, you might have to click on the 3 dots below "RECOMMENDED APPS" to display the app.

Will it work with auction drafts?
Yes, you can receive a full analysis of your auction drafts performed in CBSSports.com leagues.
What kinds of drafts is it compatible with?
The Draft Analyzer works with:
What is the Draft Score based on?
Each draft analysis is powered by our award-winning Zeile Consensus Projections. We use the projections to calculate the expected performance of every team at each relevant stat category. The category results are then pieced together to provide insight into how your entire team stacks up against the competition. The default scoring for the assessment is a standard 5x5 Roto/H2H setup. We also offer the option to add stat categories and/or switch to Fantasy Points scoring.
Can I customize the scoring settings?
We let you adjust the stat categories that drive the Roto/H2H and Points analysis. However, the settings for Points leagues are limited to CBS’ standard scoring.
How do I ask a question or report a bug?
Feel free to email us at draftanalyzer@fantasypros.com