What is the Draft Analyzer?
The Draft Analyzer is a tool that provides an instant analysis of your mock and real drafts. It gives you a quick idea of how your team stacks up against your opponents via projected standings. It also provides insight into your team's strengths and weaknesses along with a summary of your value picks, steals & reaches.
Where do I find the app?
Open your CBSSports.com league, click on "Tools" in the menu, then select the app under "MY APPS".

If you have purchased more than 5 apps, you might have to click on the 3 dots below "RECOMMENDED APPS" to display the app.

Will it work with auction drafts?
Partially. Some features will work for auctions drafts (projected standings, Strengths & Weaknesses). Others will not (Best & Worst Picks).
Is custom scoring supported?
No. We currently support default STD and PPR scoring for typical leagues but you cannot enter your league’s specific point values to drive the analysis.
What kinds of drafts is it compatible with?
The Draft Analyzer works with:
What is the Draft Score based on?
We score the draft based on total value over replacement player (VORP). Essentially, how much more value does your roster have over the players that are readily available on the waivers after your draft. The Draft Score is the sum total of fantasy points over the replacement team on the waivers. We provide two perspectives on the Draft Scores: Based on our Expert Poll.
We analyze your draft based on each of the expert cheat sheets we have in our database. We then tell you the consensus opinion of how your team stacks up, based on average the Draft Scores from all the experts.
How do I ask a question or report a bug?
Feel free to email us at draftanalyzer@fantasypros.com