MLB Draft Wizard FAQ

What is the Draft Wizard?
The Draft Wizard is a suite of tools that make it dead simple to prepare for and nail your fantasy baseball drafts. Its modern and easy-to-use interface will make paper cheat sheets and overly complicated draft software a thing of the past. It’s about time, right?

The Wizard lets you import rankings from any website or spreadsheet, create consensus rankings from any combination of experts, and customize the cheat sheets with easy drag-and-drop and one-click tiering. You’ll be able to practice drafting through our Draft Simulator and instantly analyze your performance with our Draft Analyzer. Finally, you can use your cheat sheets live during your drafts with our Draft Assistant. We even offer a live sync with some draft sites so taken players are automatically crossed off your cheat sheet. Yep, stress-free drafting!
How can it help me win my league?
We all know how important the draft is in fantasy baseball; getting out of the gate with a strong team sets you up for success within the season. The formula for winning your draft is no secret too. You need to have an accurate cheat sheet, accurate pick predictions for your opponents, and accurate decision-making during the draft (despite the pressure of “the clock”). Draft Wizard helps with all three of these needs: 

1. Accurate Cheat Sheet
FantasyPros has tracked the accuracy of fantasy experts. We’ve learned that some experts consistently outperform others and that “consensus rankings” tend to be very accurate. You can try some consensus variations like combining the experts you personally trust or combining your favorite sites. In all cases, we also recognize that you may be able to enhance the rankings (and beat the experts!), so we allow you to easily edit the cheat sheets to perfect them.  

2. Accurate Pick Predictions
Although you may have a good idea of the players you want to target during the draft, knowing when to draft these players is very difficult. Our Simulator helps guide you by predicting what your opponents will do. And we don’t just assume everyone will be drafting based on ADP. Instead, we leverage numerous expert cheat sheets to match the variety of drafters you’re likely to face. We then use these rankings, in conjunction with in-draft pick logic based on team needs and position scarcity, to accurately predict which player each team will select.  

3. Accurate Decision-Making
No matter how much you prepare for your draft, sometimes the pressure of the clock will cause you to take players you regret the minute you click on “draft him.” The stress level is exacerbated when you’re fumbling through paper cheat sheets or dealing with complicated draft software. Our Wizard simplifies everything. We narrow down your choices (based on your cheat sheets, your team needs, and predicted opponent picks), and give you a simple comparison of the players based on our consensus expert advice. We also leverage our award-winning Zeile Consensus Projections to help you identify top available players and to isolate the strengths/weakness of your team. And since our Draft Assistant looks and acts exactly like our Draft Simulator, you’ll be completely familiar with the interface during your draft.
Which league formats are supported?
Scoring Types
  • All tools support Roto/H2H leagues. We let you select the categories that are relevant to your league.
  • Our Draft Analyzer also supports Points leagues. You have the option to choose from standard scoring settings at ESPN, CBS or Yahoo. You cannot input custom point values.
Draft Types
  • We support Snake drafts (teams pick in draft order and then reverse the order in alternating rounds).
  • We support Linear drafts (teams pick in the same order each round).
  • We support drafts with a Custom order (picks have been traded, added, etc).
  • We support Auction drafts.
Player Pools
  • We support Mixed, AL-Only and NL-Only formats for both Redraft and Keeper Leagues (MVP feature).
How much does it cost?
We offer Basic (Free), PRO, MVP and HOF versions of the Draft Wizard. An overview of PRO and MVP features and pricing is available here.

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading to a PRO, MVP or HOF account, please visit our PRO/MVP/HOF Features Overview.
*Note: Live Sync Draft Assistanct is only available with the MVP and HOF subscription. ESPN Draft Sync does not support auction leagues and must be used with ESPN’s Lite Draft Room.
Can you explain what FanDuel is and how it ties into the pricing options for a PRO upgrade?
FanDuel is the leading operator of daily fantasy sports games. Its members pick fantasy teams and compete in cash contests that last a single day. With no season long commitment, FanDuel's contests pay out millions of dollars each month.

We’ve teamed up with FanDuel to provide a terrific offer for anyone interested in upgrading to HOF (our highest level) status. Simply make a $10 FanDuel deposit using the links below and you’ll receive the listed a 6-month HOF subscription. This offer is valid for new FanDuel members only.

Deposit $10 at FanDuel
  • Receive free HOF upgrade which includes live draft syncing with Yahoo, ESPN*, CBS Sports, NFBC, Fantrax, & RTSports leagues (features).
  • Use deposited funds to earn cash in daily fantasy contests.
  • Represents a $50 value for just $10.
*Note: The sync for ESPN is not compatible with ESPN’s flash draft room or auction drafts. You must use ESPN’s Lite Draft Room to sync with the Draft Assistant.
Does it work on an iPad?
Yes, all the features of the Draft Wizard will work on an iPad and other touch screen devices.
How long does a Subscription last?
You can subscribe for one month, 6 months or one year.
How do I assign Keepers for my league? (MVP/HOF Feature)
If you’re a MVP or HOF member, you’ll receive seamless support for Keepers in all of the Draft Wizard’s tools. As you go through the quick setup process for your league, there will be an option to indicate if you are playing in a Keeper league. Simply select ‘yes’ and you will have the opportunity to enter Keepers for every team along with the round each player is assigned to or dollar costs if you’re playing in an auction league. This information will be saved after you enter it the first time and can be edited from the draft setup screen or from your My Account page. If you’re playing in a Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, NFBC, Fantrax, or RTSports league, you’ll also be able to import your league directly from this page so you don’t have to enter the Keepers manually. However, for auction leagues, you will still need to manually enter Keeper dollar costs.
Does the Draft Wizard support traded picks? (MVP/HOF Feature)
Yes, MVP and HOF users can customize the order of any draft. To adjust a draft order, simply navigate to your My Account page. Then select the appropriate league from the ‘My Leagues’ list and click the ‘Draft Details’ option. You’ll be able to alter the order of your draft board to re-assign any picks that have been traded.
How do I contact support?
If we’re missing something here in the FAQ, please feel free to contact us at -- we’ll do our best to respond to you in a timely manner.


What is the Draft Simulator?
The Draft Simulator is an efficient way to practice for your draft. It’s similar to doing a live mock draft except that you’re drafting against our computer algorithm (which uses a selection of expert cheat sheets and ADP sources). We suggest that you try both live and simulated mock drafts, but there are a few key benefits to using our Draft Simulator…

It’s fast and fun.
Live mocks are great but it’s often frustrating trying to get into the mock draft you want, and even more frustrating waiting for everyone to make their picks (a live mock can take over an hour to complete). Our Simulator can let you complete hundreds of mock drafts in very little time. If you want to test out different drafting strategies or just quickly see the type of team you’ll likely end up with based on your cheat sheet, our Simulator is a great option.

Speaking of options, you’ll be able to take your time with each and every pick (and even revert picks if you want…wouldn’t that be nice in real drafts!), or auto-draft the rest of the way.

It’s accurate and realistic.
Have you ever been in a mock draft where some bozo takes a scrub in the first round just to be funny? It happens more than you would think. Also, many of the computerized auto-picks run off of a straight ADP with no regards to team needs or position scarcity. If many of the opponent picks are not that realistic, you’re not going to get an accurate picture of how your real draft will unfold. And, isn’t this the whole point of doing mock drafts in the first place?

Our simulator takes things a little more seriously. It uses real cheat sheets from a random selection of experts and ADP sources from all the major draft sites. Our opponent pick algorithm uses logic that mirrors how most drafters make their decisions during their drafts. We factor in player rankings, team needs, and position scarcity to determine the most likely selection.

It’s what you’ll use during your draft.
This is key. If you plan on using our Draft Assistant during your real draft, you’ll be happy to know that the Draft Simulator and Draft Assistant share the same interface and features. So you’ll know exactly how to use the tool during your draft. The last thing we want is to create any additional stress!

Who are my opponents?
FantasyPros has the largest database of expert rankings and ADP data on the web. We randomly select these cheat sheets as your opponents in the draft. If you’re a PRO member, we also let you pick a specific ADP source to draft against (Yahoo, CBS, etc). This comes in handy if you know league-mates are likely to base their draft decisions off of your league’s default ADP. With that said, it’s important to note that our simulations don’t simply grab the top available player on the opponent’s cheat sheet. Instead, we use a pick algorithm that factors in player rankings, team needs, and position scarcity. We do this to create realistic draft results.

How do you suggest players to consider?
We leverage your personal cheat sheet, team needs and position scarcity to queue up players you might want to consider drafting. However, we also offer more options in an easy drop-down to queue up players based off of your Overall rankings, the top available players at each position, or any one specific position. PRO, MVP and HOF members can even view a breakdown by stat category of the top projected players to consider. We encourage you to test out these different ways to quickly queue up players. Also keep in mind that you can always queue an individual player by clicking on him in your cheat sheet.

What is Expert Voting?
The default view in the player queue shows Expert Voting on the players in the queue. It tells you, all other things being equal, whom the experts would take among the players in the queue. We use each expert’s Overall Rankings to determine their vote. The player with the highest percentage of votes is highlighted in green. Please keep in mind that expert voting is only one way to help you decide (click on the drop down to see your other options). The expert voting does not bake in your team needs, position scarcity, or your own personal opinion about each player’s value.
Which features are free vs. paid?
The Draft Simulator contains elements that are free along with premium features for PRO, MVP and HOF users. An overview of PRO and MVP features is available here.

PRO, MVP and HOF members also have access to our enhanced Cheat Sheet Creator and Draft Analyzer as well as our Draft Assistant.
Are auction simulations supported?
Yes, auction simulations are now supported. In order to take advantage of this feature along with other enhanced Draft Wizard functionality, you will need to upgrade to our Draft Wizard MVP or HOF Package.

Additionally, our Draft Assistant, Cheat Sheet Creator and Draft Analyzer are all compatible with auction drafts.
When should I use the Duplicate League feature?
This feature helps you save time by creating a copy of your league with the click of a button.

If you'd like to practice simulations with different draft orders, for instance, the duplicate league option is helpful. It recreates your league by preserving settings such as long Keeper lists while allowing you to quickly make any draft order adjustment.

To use the feature, simply click the 'Duplicate' button next to your league on the 'My Leagues' page. From there, you'll be able to make any adjustments to the existing league settings you'd like.


What is the Draft Analyzer?
The Draft Analyzer provides an instant analysis of your mock and real drafts. It gives you a quick idea of how your team stacks up and breaks down your strengths and weaknesses.
Can I analyze drafts from other sites?
The Draft Analyzer works with:
  • Mock drafts from our Draft Simulator
  • Mock drafts from Yahoo, ESPN and CBS
  • Any mock or real draft when you use our manual Draft Assistant to track the full draft.
  • Real drafts from ESPN and those that you synced with by using our Live Draft Sync Assistant (available with MVP or HOF upgrade).
What is the Draft Score based on?
Each draft analysis is powered by our award-winning Zeile Consensus Projections. We use the projections to calculate the expected performance of every team at each relevant stat category. The category results are then pieced together to provide insight into how your entire team stacks up against the competition. The default scoring for the assessment is a standard 5x5 Roto/H2H setup. PRO, MVP and HOF users have the option to add stat categories and/or switch to Fantasy Points scoring.
Which features are free vs. paid?
The Draft Analyzer contains elements that are free along with premium features for PRO, MVP and HOF users. An overview of PRO, MVP and HOF features and pricing is available here.

PRO, MVP and HOF members also have access to our enhanced Draft Simulator and Cheat Sheet Creator as well as our Draft Assistant.


What is the Cheat Sheet Creator?
The Cheat Sheet Editor is the easiest way to create a cheat sheet for your draft. You can instantly import any rankings from the web or from a spreadsheet on your computer. You can also combine multiple expert cheat sheets into one consensus cheat sheet. MVP and HOF users will be able to customize rankings through a simple drag-and-drop interface, create player tiers with a click of a button, and import and edit player notes. Rankings can also be exported to Excel or used in our Draft Simulator and Draft Assistant. All the customization work you do on your cheat sheet will be leveraged in these integrated draft tools.
What is FantasyPros ECR™?
ECR™ stands for "Expert Consensus Ranking" and represents the collective opinion of all the experts tracked by FantasyPros. We generate a single consensus cheat sheet by calculating how many “Rank Points” each player receives based on his ranked position on each expert’s cheat sheet. Each ranked position is worth certain number of Rank Points – the better the rank, the higher the Rank Points. We add these Rank Points up for each player across all experts to determine the player’s consensus rank. We don’t use an “average rank” because we believe this approach is flawed. Using an average requires that you assign an arbitrary rank for unranked players, which skews the results.
Can I create a cheat sheet that leverages projections?
Yes, you have the option to build a cheat sheet using our award-winning Zeile Projections. Within the Cheat Sheet Creator, simply select the "From Projections" tab. Using a value-based methodology (VORP), the cheat sheet generated will map the projections to your league settings to create custom rankings. Please note that you must be a PRO, MVP and HOF member in order to customize your category and roster settings. Basic members can use the cheat sheet based on expert consensus rankings.
How do I add auction values to my cheat sheet?
There are 2 ways to add auction values to your cheat sheet. In both options, MVP and HOF users will able to edit the dollar values and customize their cheat sheet to league settings. For basic users, the dollar values are not editable and will run off a default 5x5 scoring setup.

1. If you'd like to build a cheat sheet using Zeile Consensus Projections, navigate to the Cheat Sheet Creator and select the "From Projections" tab. After entering your league info, select the 'Create Auction Values' check box to add dollar values to your cheat sheet. The output will leverage Value Over Replacement (VORP) methodology.

2. You can also add auction values to a cheat sheet of your favorite experts' rankings (or our expert consensus). First, create your rankings within the Cheat Sheet Creator by selecting the "Consensus Rankings" or "FantasyPros ECR" tab. After your rankings have been imported, a gray “Auction Values” button will appear within the cheat sheet view. Click this button to add dollar values to your rankings.
What are ‘eligibility rules’?
Eligibility rules refer to the positions a player can be slotted into for a fantasy lineup. These settings can differ by league service. Clearly, if your league limits a player such as David Ortiz to DH eligibility, you will have little interest in seeing him in your 1B cheat sheet. To make things easy, we let you pre-select your league service (Yahoo, CBS, ESPN or RTSports) during the cheat sheet creation process. This ensures that your cheat sheet will conform to the appropriate eligibility settings. You also have the option to choose Combined eligibility to aggregate player eligibility across the league services. This means that a player with eligibility consisting of CBS - OF, ESPN – OF, RTSports – OF, and Yahoo - 1B would have OF, 1B eligibility in your cheat sheet.
How do I edit the player rankings? (MVP/HOF feature)
Simply click on “Edit Rankings” from the Cheat Sheet Creator. You’ll see a screen that allows you to drag-and-drop players to move them into new rank slots. Once you’re satisfied with your new rankings, simply save your cheat sheet to store the new rankings. Any auction values you’ve created will automatically adjust so that players you move up/down will see a corresponding change in their values.
How do I keep Position and Overall ranks in Sync? (MVP/HOF feature)
When cheat sheets are edited, we use Sync logic that automatically keeps your Overall rankings (mixed positions) in Sync with your Positional Rankings. We’ll take your most recently saved rankings as our guide to keep things logical between rankings. So, there’s no need to duplicate your drag-and-drop between the rankings. Just decide which set of rankings you want to edit and the other set will be revised automatically to reflect your changes.
What are Tiers and how do I create them? (MVP/HOF feature)
Tiers are a great way to organize your cheat sheet into groups of players of similar value. If you have a tier with five players, you’re essentially saying that you don’t have a strong preference between the five players in the group. During your draft, if all your players are still available in the tier, you may opt to hold off on drafting one of them since you’re likely to still have one or more of the players available on your next turn. To create Tiers, simply click on “Edit Rankings” from the Cheat Sheet Creator. When you mouse over rankings, you’ll see a link appear between rows called “create a tier” – simply click on this link to create a tier. You’ll also be able to drag-and-drop the tier or delete it once it’s created.
What are player tags and how to I add them to my cheat sheet? (PRO, MVP and HOF feature)
Tags are a convenient way to highlight players on your cheat sheet. Whether they’re your super secret sleepers, studs you just can’t live without or potential busts you want to avoid, we make it easy to keep track of these players. To tag someone, simply click the “Tag as” button next to the player’s name in the Cheat Sheet Creator. You'll have the option to tag a player as a Target (yellow highlight), Sleeper (green highlight) or someone to Avoid (red highlight). You can easily remove any tag you designate by clicking on it again. During your mock drafts and real drafts, your tagged players will be highlighted with the corresponding Target/Sleeper/Avoid colors on your cheat sheets. You can easily turn the highlighting on or off via the checkbox option at the top of your cheat sheet.
How do I add and edit Notes? (MVP and HOF feature)
You can import player notes from our expert database through the drop down option in the Cheat Sheet Creator. You can write your own notes or edit the expert notes by clicking on “Edit Rankings” and then placing your curser into the note field that you want to add or edit. You’ll be able to view your player notes during simulations and drafts by hovering your curser over the player’s name in your cheat sheet or player’s photo in the player queue.
The cheat sheet I imported contains players that are Keepers for other teams. Will this impact my draft?
No, it will not. As long as you have your league’s keepers assigned (MVP and HOF Feature) within the Draft Wizard, the players will automatically appear as crossed off on your cheat sheet when using the Draft Simulator and Draft Assistant.
Which features are free vs. paid?
The Cheat Sheet Editor contains elements that are free along with premium features for PRO, MVP and HOF users. An overview of PRO and MVP features and pricing is available here.

PRO, MVP and HOF members also have access to our enhanced Draft Simulator and Draft Analyzer as well as our Draft Assistant.


What is the Draft Assistant? (PRO, MVP and HOF Feature)
The Draft Assistant is a tool that helps you optimize picks during your draft with the least amount of stress. The Assistant comes in 2 separate forms, depending upon the level of your membership:
  • Manual Draft Assistant (PRO users)
  • Live Sync Draft Assistant (MVP and MVP users) supports the folllwing commissioner hosts:
    • Yaho
    • ESPN*
    • CBS Sports
    • NFBC
    • Fantrax
    • RTSports
*Note: ESPN Live Sync Draft Assistant does not support auction leagues and must be used with ESPN’s Lite Draft Room.

Both versions of the Draft Assistant offer the following easy-to-use features:

In-Draft Suggestions
Your personal cheat sheet, team needs and position scarcity are all considered to queue up players you should consider drafting. We show, all other things being equal, whom the experts we monitor would select among the players in your queue. You can queue up players based off of your Overall rankings, the top available players at each position, or by specific stat category. We even give you a running breakdown of the areas that represent strengths and weaknesses for your team as the draft progresses.

"Smart" Cheat Sheets
Not only are your cheat sheets integrated into the drafting tool, but they become "smart" during your draft. For example, if you created Tiers with our Editor, we'll track how many players you have left in each tier and provide a color coded summary above each set of rankings. When you start to run out of players in a tier it will turn red. We also let you highlight targeted players so that they show up with a yellow highlight in your cheat sheets.

Simple Intuitive Interface
The last thing you want during your draft is to be fumbling with an overly complicated tool. We've done everything possible to make our Draft Assistant a breeze to use. Not only will you be familiar with the interface by the time of your draft (the default view is the exact same as our Draft Simulator, which you've likely done many mock simulations with), but you can also select a streamlined view that can be placed in a corner of your screen so that you're not having to toggle back and forth between windows.
Can the Draft Wizard pick for me?
The Draft Wizard suite of tools are designed to optimize your draft by tracking picks and providing updated advice during your live draft. Our Draft Assistant is not capable of making picks for you. Picks must still be made via your league host's draft room.
Are auction drafts supported?
We currently offer auction support for the Manual Draft Assistant (PRO) and Live Sync Draft Assistant (MVP/HOF) with the exception of the ESPN Assistant. If you purchase a PRO Upgrade, you will be able to use the Manual Draft Assistant for both non-auction leagues. The same is true for the Live Sync Draft Assistant (except ESPN). For ESPN leagues, you should use the Manual Draft Assistant for auction tracking and advice.

For additional auction support, please visit our Auction FAQ for the Draft Assistant.
What is the difference between the Manual Draft Assistant and Live Sync Draft Assistant?
The key distinction is that the Live Sync Draft Assistant connects directly with your drafts on Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, NFBC, Fantrax, and RTSports to automatically cross off taken players. Our Live Sync Draft Assistant tracks taken players for you, so there's nothing for you to do except connect to your draft and click the Refresh button when you want to force an update (recommended approach) or select "Auto-Sync every 30 seconds". 

For the Manual Draft Assistant (use with Fox Sports or any site), we offer a dead simple way to manually track your draft. Just start typing the drafted player's name and he'll come up through our fast player search. Or, you can simply note that the player has been drafted through the drop down link next to each player's name in your cheat sheet and player queue.
What league sites does the Draft Assistant work with for my real drafts?
The Manual Draft Assistant can be used for any draft site. However, the Live Sync Draft Assistant is only available for real drafts with Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, NFBC, Fantrax, and RTSports.
Please note that our ESPN Draft Sync is not compatible with ESPN’s flash draft room or auction drafts. You must use ESPN’s Lite Draft Application to sync with the Draft Assistant. If you’re in an ESPN Auction Draft, you should use the Manual Draft Assistant for in-draft tracking and advice.
Can I use the Draft Assistant for mock drafts?
For mock drafting on this site, you should use the Draft Simulator. The interface is almost identical to the Draft Assistants. For mock drafts on Yahoo and ESPN, MVP and HOF users will be able to use the Live Sync Draft Assistant with Yahoo! and ESPN mock drafts. For mocks on other sites, such as CBS Sports and Fox Sports, you can use our Manual Draft Assistant to manually track taken players. If you decide to use the Draft Assistant during a mock draft, please keep in mind that most mock drafts move at a faster pace than real drafts so your time to play with the features may be limited.
How much does the Draft Assistant cost?
The Manual Draft Assistant is part of our PRO package and the Live Sync Draft Assistant is part of our MVP and HOF packages; both include our enhanced Draft Simulator, Cheat Sheet Creator, and Draft Analyzer.
How do I launch the Live Sync Draft Assistant to connect to my draft on Yahoo, CBS Sports or RT Sports?
Simply navigate to your My Account page and select the 'Add League' option. Next, choose the "Connect to Configure Draft" button. You'll be able to verify your league settings for use within the Draft Wizard. Clicking the blue 'Launch Assistant with Sync' button will open the Assistant for your league.

Please note that Yahoo leagues cannot usually be connected to the Draft Wizard until 30 minutes before your draft begins. If you'd like to set up your league before then for use in our Draft Simulator, you should use the Manual Draft configuration option after selecting 'Add League'. You'll be able to enter your league information and adjust the draft board/add keepers as necessary. You can then launch the Live Sync Draft Assistant by clicking the blue 'Connect to Yahoo' button on your league setup page (within the Draft Wizard) when your draft is ready to start.

We have created this short video to demonstrate how easy it is to sync with your live draft:

How do I sync my ESPN draft with the Draft Assistant?
Please make sure you are using ESPN’s “Lite Draft Room” for both your live and mock drafts. This is the version of ESPN’s draft room that is compatible with the Draft Assistant. If you are using ESPN’s flash draft room, the draft will not sync with the Live Sync Draft Assistant. Please also note that our ESPN Live Sync Draft Assistant is not compatible with auction drafts. If you’re in an ESPN auction draft, you should use the Manual Draft Assistant instead. Additional step by step instructions for live & mock drafts are listed below.

For Live Drafts

1. Open your team page at ESPN.
2. Select the “Lite Draft” option on your team page.
3. In a separate tab or window, navigate to the Draft Assistant.
4. Select your league and click the “Launch Assistant with Sync” button.

For Mock Drafts

1. Open the Mock Draft Assistant.
2. Enter your ESPN login and the waiting room URL of the mock draft.
3. When the draft is ready to begin, open ESPN’s “Lite Draft Application”.
4. Click the “Launch My Assistant” button from the Mock Draft Assistant to begin syncing your draft.
How do I leverage Tiers and Player Tags?
We encourage you to tier your cheat sheet and mark relevant players with tags (Target, Sleeper or Avoid) in the Cheat Sheet Creator. By doing so, you'll enable some cool features in the Draft Simulator and Draft Assistant. Tiers will appear in your rankings and will be summarized with alerts to let you know when you're running out of players within each tier. Tagged players will display with color-coded highlights so you can spot them easily. You can turn these highlights on or off during your draft through a simple checkbox.
What does the green "Top Lift" alert in the player queue indicate?
As your draft progresses, we analyze the top available players in your cheat sheet. The player expected to provide the largest lift to your team at each pick is noted with the "Top Lift" alert. This is the player we project to offer the greatest boost to your team in the current projected standings. Please note that it is possible for a player to receive the "Top Lift" alert and have an expert voting percentage that is lower than the other suggested players. This is because the "Top Lift" alert bakes in your current team needs whereas the expert voting suggests who the experts like best, all things equal.
What is the Pick Predictor?
Ever wonder if you could wait one more round before grabbing a guy you really want? How about two or three additional rounds? This is, after all, how you maximize value during a draft. Up until now, the only way to predict this was by assuming the player would be drafted near his ADP (Average Draft Position). With the Pick Predictor, we take this logic to the next level by telling you the odds that the player will be taken before your next pick (or next few picks if you prefer). These odds are determined by running simulations with all the cheat sheets in our database (including ADP from multiple sources) to see what percentage of times the player gets snatched up before your turn. It takes into account all the players that have already been taken, the roster needs of the opponents, and how many picks are left before your turn. We even color code the %s so it's easy to quickly get an idea of how risky it is to pass on the player this round.
What is the Roster Watch?
Sometimes it's helpful to see what roster gaps each team has, and how "scarce" certain positions are becoming. Our Roster Watch tab displays this information in a simple intuitive chart. You can quickly check out the teams drafting near you to see what gaps they may fill on their next pick. You can also see a summary that shows the total number of players at each position that have been drafted vs. how many starting slots there are in the league. This helps you monitor position scarcity at any point during the draft.
What is the Draft Board?
This is a standard view of the draft that plots each team across the top and each round down the side of the table. It provides one of the easiest ways to monitor each team's picks, the positions each team has taken, and which teams are scheduled to pick before. If you don't like to flip around to multiple views during the draft, this is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to view a summary of how the draft is progressing.
How do you determine each team’s Strengths & Weaknesses during the draft?
Before the draft begins, we let you choose relevant stat categories to view and monitor as the draft progresses. As each pick is made, our Zeile Consensus Projections are leveraged to keep a running tally of how your players stack up against the competition. Your team is ranked at each category using both your team’s total stats and average stats. Color coding (red = team weakness, green = team strength) is applied to help you quickly spot areas of opportunity for future picks.
Can I view the Draft Assistant side-by-side with my draft window?
This depends on your screen size, resolution, and the size of your site's draft screen. However, to help you avoid having to toggle back-and-forth between the Assistant and your draft screen, we provide optional streamlined views, accessible through a convenient drop-down button in the top right of the Draft Assistant. Please note that you can easily change views during your draft, so you're not tied down to only one of these options.
  • Queue Only View. Shows you suggested players to consider for your current pick. You can also easily view the top players at each position or the top players within a position.
  • Cheat Sheet Only View. Shows you your player rankings. You can view all players with taken players crossed off, or you can view only available players to shorten the list.
  • Full View. The default setting. All of our robust features are viewable. If you want to use the full view but do not want to have to toggle screens during your draft, you may want to consider setting up two monitors (or using one large monitor with a high screen resolution).
Can I use the Draft Assistant during an offline draft?
Yes, the Manual Draft Assistant will work with your offline draft provided that you have an internet connection at the draft. The assistant is a convenient solution for tracking your offline drafts and receiving advice. You can quickly mark taken players by selecting them in your cheat sheet/player queue as they are drafted or by typing names directly into our Draft Tracker. All of the Draft Assistant’s features (player suggestions, pick predictions, cheat sheet integration, etc) will work just as they would for an online draft.


How do I track a nominated a player?
We offer multiple ways to keep track of nominated players. The easiest approach is to enter the nominated player in the nomination box in the center of the page. This will showcase the player along with important information such as his Auction Value, Projections, Stats, and more. You can also click on any player in your cheat sheet to place the player in the nomination box.

For members using a sync add-on, please note that the nominated players will not automatically appear in the nomination box. You will need to use one of the two options above to view information about a nominee. The rest of the auction, including picks and winning bids, will be tracked automatically if you are a sync user.
How do I manually keep track of winning bids?
If you’re using the Manual Draft Assistant, you have several options for tracking winning bids and assigning players to teams. The primary method for marking players is to enter a name in the nomination box and use the Winning Bidder dropdown to assign a team and cost. You can also type a player’s name directly into the Auction Tracker (located at the far left) to quickly mark off taken players and costs. You will have the option in the Auction Tracker to revert picks and to edit dollar costs. To revert a pick, hover over the player’s position label and click the ‘X’ label when it appears. Lastly, you can assign winning bids from the cheat sheet tab. Simply mouse over each player in your cheat sheet and a blue arrow will appear that lets you assign the winning bid and team.
How do I sync my ESPN auction with the Draft Assistant?
At this time we only offer sync support for auction drafts at Yahoo, CBS Sports, NFBC, Fantrax and RT Sports. Our ESPN Live Draft Sync Assistant is not compatible with auction drafts. If you’re in an ESPN auction, you should use the Manual Draft Assistant instead.
What is auction inflation?
Auction inflation occurs when a league’s budget dollars exceed the value of the available player pool. It is mostly commonly encountered in Keeper leagues. As an example, if a player you value at $20 is kept at a cost of $8, there will be extra money available to spend (+$12) on the rest of the player field. In essence, the dollars remaining to spend across all teams exceeds the value of the players available. This means the price of the remaining players will rise since fantasy owners will always want to spend their entire budget. Note that inflation can also occur in redraft leagues depending upon the level to which winning bids differ from your auction values. If you select the ‘Inflation’ check box in the Draft Wizard, we will calculate the inflation rate and adjust your auction values as each pick is made. If you’re in a keeper league, we recommend turning the inflation toggle on at the beginning of your draft. Since keepers are retained at costs lower than their current values, you should factor in (via inflation) how this affects the rest of the player pool.
How do you determine the players that appear in the ‘Alternates’ tab of the nomination box?
The alternates are designed to showcase how the nominated player compares to the best available alternatives. It gives you a gauge of what the high-end options look like as you decide whether to pass or bid on the current nominee. The 3 players selected represent the highest-rated players with eligibility at one or more of the same positions as the nominated player. The comparison lets you look at the projections/stats of each player along with their auction values.
Can I use the Draft Assistant for mock auction drafts?
Our Live Sync Draft Assistant is compatible is compatible with auctions mocks at Yahoo. For mock drafts on other sites, such as ESPN and CBS Sports, you can use our Manual Draft Assistant to manually track your auction draft. If you decide to use the Draft Assistant during a mock draft, please keep in mind that most mock drafts move at a faster pace than real drafts due to less time allowed for picks and the presence of auto-opponents. Your time to play with the features may be limited as a result.
Why are there 2 dollar values next to players in the Cheat Sheet tab?
The cheat sheet tab displays your auction values in a light gray font. These are the dollar amounts you created in a custom cheat sheet or the dollar values you pulled in via our Expert Consensus. When a player is selected in the draft, his auction value will be crossed out and the winning bid will display directly to the right in a darker font. This lets you easily compare the difference between what a player is valued at and what he ultimately cost the team that selected him.