What is the Draft Simulator?
The Draft Simulator is an efficient way to practice for your draft. It’s similar to doing a live mock draft except that you’re drafting against our computer algorithm (which uses a selection of expert cheat sheets and ADP sources).

If you’ve done mock drafts before, you know how invaluable it is to practice drafting against opponents before your big day. Not only does it give you a feel for when players will be drafted, it also allows you to test out different draft strategies. Our Draft Simulator takes mock drafting to a new level by speeding up the process and by offering in-draft advice.
Where do I find the app?
Open your CBSSports.com league, click on "Tools" in the menu, then select the app under "MY APPS".

If you have purchased more than 5 apps, you might have to click on the 3 dots below "RECOMMENDED APPS" to display the app.

Are auction drafts supported?
The app is designed for snake drafts. We do not currently support auction drafts.
Are Keeper Leagues supported?
Yes, we offer support for Keeper leagues, assuming keepers already appear on the teams' rosters. These players will appear on the correct teams and will be unavailable for selection during your mock simulations.
Does the app work with live mock drafts at CBS?
The Draft Simulator is not to be confused with the mock draft lobby at CBS, which features drafts against other humans. The Simulator is meant to be a faster, more efficient alternative to these drafts.
What are the benefits of using the Draft Simulator over traditional (live) mock drafts?
We suggest that you try both live and simulated mock drafts, but there are a few key benefits to using our Draft Simulator…

It’s fast and fun.
Live mocks are great but it’s often frustrating trying to get into the mock draft you want, and even more frustrating waiting for everyone to make their picks (a live mock can take over an hour to complete). Our Simulator can let you complete hundreds of mock drafts in very little time. If you want to test out different drafting strategies or just quickly see the type of team you’ll likely end up, our Simulator is a great option. Speaking of options, you’ll be able to take your time with each and every pick (and even revert picks if you want…wouldn’t that be nice in real drafts!), or auto-draft the rest of the way.

It’s accurate and realistic.
Have you ever been in a mock draft where some bozo takes a scrub in the first round just to be funny? It happens more than you would think. Also, many of the computerized auto-picks run off of a straight ADP with no regards to team needs or position scarcity. If many of the opponent picks are not that realistic, you’re not going to get an accurate picture of how your real draft will unfold. And, isn’t this the whole point of doing mock drafts in the first place? Our simulator takes things a little more seriously. It uses real cheat sheets from a random selection of experts and ADP sources from all the major draft sites. Our opponent pick algorithm uses logic that mirrors how most drafters make their decisions during their drafts. We factor in player rankings, team needs, and position scarcity to determine the most likely selection.

It offers in-draft advice.
We monitor over 50 experts to give you an idea of who the experts would take at each pick. We also provide a breakdown of your team’s strengths and weaknesses as the draft progresses. You’ll easily be able to view the top suggested players at each stat category and position to help with your decisions.
Who are my opponents?
At FantasyPros, we have the largest database of expert rankings and ADP data on the web. We randomly select these cheat sheets as your opponents in the draft. We also let you pick a specific ADP source to draft against. This comes in handy if you know league-mates are likely to base their draft decisions off of default ADP. With that said, it’s important to note that our simulations don’t simply grab the top available player on the opponent’s cheat sheet. Instead, we use a pick algorithm that factors in player rankings, team needs, and position scarcity. We do this to create realistic draft results.
How do you suggest players to consider?
We leverage your cheat sheet, team needs and position scarcity to queue up players you might want to consider drafting. However, we also offer more options in an easy drop-down to queue up players based off of your cheat sheet’s Overall rankings, the top available players at each position, or any one specific position. You can even view a breakdown by stat category of the top projected players to consider. We encourage you to test out these different ways to quickly queue up players. Also keep in mind that you can always queue an individual player by clicking on him in your cheat sheet.
What is Expert Voting?
The default view in the player queue shows Expert Voting on the players in the queue. It tells you, all other things being equal, whom the experts would take among the players in the queue. We use each expert’s Overall Rankings to determine their vote. The player with the highest percentage of votes is highlighted in green. Please keep in mind that expert voting is only one way to help you decide (click on the drop down to see your other options). The expert voting does not bake in your team needs, position scarcity, or your own personal opinion about each player’s value.
What is the Pick Predictor?
Ever wonder if you could wait one more round before grabbing a guy you really want? How about two or three additional rounds? This is, after all, how you maximize value during a draft. Up until now, the only way to predict this was by assuming the player would be drafted near his ADP (Average Draft Position). With the Pick Predictor, we take this logic to the next level by telling you the odds that the player will be taken before your next pick (or next few picks if you prefer). These odds are determined by running simulations with all the cheat sheets in our database (including ADP from multiple sources) to see what percentage of times the player gets snatched up before your turn. It takes into account all the players that have already been taken, the roster needs of the opponents, and how many picks are left before your turn. We even color code the %s so it's easy to quickly get an idea of how risky it is to pass on the player this round.
What is the Roster Watch?
Sometimes it's helpful to see what roster gaps each team has, and how "scarce" certain positions are becoming. Our Roster Watch tab displays this information in a simple intuitive chart. You can quickly check out the teams drafting near you to see what gaps they may fill on their next pick. You can also see a summary that shows the total number of players at each position that have been drafted vs. how many starting slots there are in the league. This helps you monitor position scarcity at any point during the draft.
What is the Draft Board?
This is a standard view of the draft that plots each team across the top and each round down the side of the table. It provides one of the easiest ways to monitor each team's picks, the positions each team has taken, and which teams are scheduled to pick before. If you don't like to flip around to multiple views during the draft, this is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to view a summary of how the draft is progressing.
How do you determine each team’s Strengths & Weaknesses during the draft?
Before the draft begins, we let you choose relevant stat categories to view and monitor as the draft progresses. As each pick is made, our Zeile Consensus Projections are leveraged to keep a running tally of how your players stack up against the competition. Your team is ranked at each category using both your team’s total stats and average stats. Color coding (red = team weakness, green = team strength) is applied to help you quickly spot areas of opportunity for future picks.
How do I ask a question or report a bug?
Feel free to email us at draftsimulator@fantasypros.com