Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Lobby

Join a public mock draft or try out our draft simulator for a lightning-fast mock draft experience.
The Public Mock Drafts will be available next preseason. Visit our fantasy baseball home page.

Key Features
Mock draft against real opponents, with your league host's settings.
Hone your draft strategy & see who the experts would take at each pick.
Advanced auto-pick algorithms mean you always get a realistic draft experience.
Mock drafts start as soon as they fill, so you spend less time waiting around.

What are public mock drafts?
Public mock drafts are a fun way for you to practice for your fantasy baseball draft. They let you draft against real opponents in timed conditions, so you can mimic the experience of your real draft and improve your decision making on-the-clock.
What's the difference between public mock drafts and the draft simulator?
Public mock drafts let you draft in real time against other FantasyPros users. Drafts are starting constantly and feature a variety of common league settings. The Draft Simulator is our fastest draft experience and lets you start a draft instantly to practice drafting against our advanced algorithms. The draft simulator also gives you complete control over your draft, so you can customize the settings to exactly match your real fantasy baseball league.
What are the player recommendations based on?
FantasyPros has the largest database of fantasy baseball expert rankings on the web. We combine these rankings into our expert consensus rankings, so you can see which players the experts would draft at each pick. To get live player suggestions during your real draft, upgrade to FantasyPros premium and connect your draft to our Draft Assistant for the ultimate advantage.
What settings do your public mock drafts support?
Currently, public mock drafts support the default settings and eligibility rules for CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo fantasy baseball leagues (standard 5x5 categories).