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Create custom rankings for your fantasy basketball draft.

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Key Features (Read our full FAQ here)
Combine rankings from 30+ experts into one consensus cheat sheet.
Use consensus projections to create custom cheat sheets tailored to your league.
Adjust rankings via simple drag-and-drop interface.
Add tiers, expert notes and player tags (sleeper/target/avoid).

What is the Cheat Sheet Creator?
Our Cheat Sheet Creator is the easiest way to build a fantasy basketball cheat sheet for your draft. You can instantly import any rankings from the web or from a spreadsheet on your computer. You can also combine multiple expert cheat sheets into one consensus cheat sheet. MVP and HOF Users will be able to customize the rankings through a simple drag-and-drop interface, create player tiers with a click of a button, import/edit player notes, and add helpful player tags.
How do I create custom consensus rankings of my favorite experts?
PRO members can pick and choose any combination of 60+ fantasy basketball experts to create a custom cheat sheet. We also offer easy filters for creating cheat sheets from the most accurate basketball experts, the most recently updated rankings and the most popular sites. Simply click on the "Consensus Rankings" tab in the Cheat Sheet Creator and you'll be able to build the perfect cheat sheet in a matter of seconds.
What are Tiers and how do I create them?
Tiers are a great way to organize your fantasy football rankings into groups of players of similar value. If you have a tier with five players, you're essentially saying that you don't have a strong preference between the five players in the group. During your draft, if all your players are still available in the tier, you may opt to hold off on drafting one of them since you're likely to still have one or more of the players available on your next turn. To create Tiers, simply click on “Edit Rankings” from the Cheat Sheet Creator. When you mouse over rankings, you'll see a link appear between rows called “create a tier” – simply click on this link to create a tier. You'll also be able to drag-and-drop the tier or delete it once it's created.