2024 Fantasy Basketball Draft Software

Dominate your draft with our award-winning software. The Draft Wizard features a suite of 4 fantasy basketball tools that will help you prepare for and win your draft. Best of all, our draft software features a modern interface that is a breeze to use. The entire suite of draft tools is fully operable online so you never have to deal with any downloads.

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Key Features

Live Draft Sync - Connect to your basketball draft for pick suggestions & auto-tracking of taken players.
Fast Mock Drafts - Quickly complete mock drafts without waiting for opponents to pick.
Customization - Mock draft with your league settings & get live draft advice tailored to your league.
Scenario Testing - Redo mock draft picks on the fly to see which draft strategies work best.
Accurate Cheat Sheets - View customizable rankings from 60+ fantasy basketball experts.
Player Tags - Label sleepers, targets & players to avoid for easy reference within your cheat sheet.
ADP Alerts - Get a heads up when a player you're considering drafting represents a reach.
Player News & Notes - Get news & notes integrated into your cheat sheets and draft day software.
Keeper League Support - Sync your keepers for use in the entire suite of Draft Wizard tools.
Pick Predictor - See the % odds that players will still be available at your next pick.
Projected Standings - Find out how we grade your mock and real drafts.

Supported League Hosts

Yahoo ESPN Sleeper CBS Sports Fantrax

Draft Software FAQ

Does your fantasy basketball software support traded picks?
Yes, the software is fully customizable to support the order of any draft. This includes snake drafts, linear drafts, third round reversals, and custom draft orders. You'll be able to easily alter the order of your draft board to re-assign any picks that have been traded.
What league hosts does your software work with for drafts?
Our Manual Draft Assistant can be used to offer advice for any league host. Our Sync Assistant is available for real drafts with Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, NFC, FleaFlicker and Fantrax. It connects with your draft to offer expert pick suggestions and will automatically cross players off your cheat sheet as they are selected.
Where do I download the draft software?
Our software is available online and does not involve the need for any downloads. The tools were designed to offer an easy-to-use, modern interface and to make bulky downloads a thing of the past. You can use the full suite of fantasy basketball tools on our website here: https://draftwizard.fantasypros.com/basketball/