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Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft Simulator

Dominate your dynasty rookie draft with our our rookie mock draft simulator

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Key Features (Read our full FAQ here)
Complete a rookie mock draft in just a few minutes.
Test out different draft strategies and see who the experts would pick.
For premium users, try different pick trades to see how your roster will end up.
Prepare for your startup drafts, too, with our dynasty startup mock draft simulator.

What is the Rookie Mock Draft Simulator?
Our Rookie Mock Draft Simulator is the easiest way to get ready to crush your rookie draft. Quickly see who's likely to be available at your picks, who the experts like, and be ready for your real rookie draft in minutes.
Who am I drafting against?
FantasyPros has the largest database of expert dynasty rankings, for both startups and rookie drafts. Our rookie draft simulator takes all of this data into account to give you a realistic mock draft experience, with no waiting between picks. It's the easiest and most powerful way to be ready to dominate your league's rookie draft.
What is a dynasty rookie draft?
Unlike season-long fantasy leagues (sometimes called "redraft"), managers in dynasty fantasy football leagues keep their entire roster from year-to-year. Once a player is on your team, you can keep them for their entire career if you choose to do so. To distribute the rookie players that enter the league each year, each league typically has a rookie draft once per season, where teams take turns picking rookies to join their team. Unlike season-long leagues, these drafts typically use a linear draft order (like the real NFL draft) instead of a snake draft.
How long does a rookie draft take?
Because the pool of rookies who are relevant for fantasy football is fairly small, dynasty rookie drafts are usually much quicker than a season-long fantasy football draft. Most rookie drafts are between 3 and 5 rounds. The exact time depends on the pick clock for the draft, but a rookie draft will typically take less than half the time of a normal season-long fantasy draft.
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